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Hello and welcome!

I hope that you have come to this page with a curious and open mind.


I am an English teacher for adults and would like to invite you to take part in a refreshing learning experience. All levels are accepted.


You can learn more about me on the About Me page.


From my experience I have combined different teaching elements to create a learning programme that helps you gain mastery of English. This can be relevant to native speakers who want to raise their level.


English Lessons


The first session lasts 1 hour and is free of charge. It's an opportunity for us to discuss your needs and discover whether we are a good match for each other. 🤝‍

We’ll meet online on Skype. Together we will discuss your needs, so that I can adapt the programme to meet your learning goals, based on a selection of the following elements:


  • Grammar

  • Conversation practice

  • Pronunciation

  • Vocabulary

  • Regular homework to embed learning (can include keeping a journal, writing an essay or listening to a podcast, as well as answering questions on grammar). If you are more ambitious and have more free time, I will give you more challenging homework to stretch you a bit.


You can take a look at the e-book on the Free Resources page to run a quick check on some of the areas where you might not be confident.

If you are in the mood for it, I recommend completing the exercises in the e-book and timing yourself. Then you can score yourself with the key at the end. When you book the first free session with me, do let me know your time and score on the e-book if you have done the exercises.  ☑️

Fees ⚖️

The fees are £24 per hour and lessons are normally one hour (£24) or one and a half hours (£36). There is no extra charge for setting and checking homework. Payments in cash or to my UK bank account or via Paypal.

 ⚠️There is a £24 cancellation fee, if you cancel a lesson with less than 24h notice. 

Some employers cover the cost of language tuition as part of their Learning & Development budget. Do check whether this is available to you.



Mindfulness Exercises


We learn best when we are in a restful and calm state. This is when you can absorb new concepts and memorise information more easily (Evidence). 


I have included some mindfulness exercises for those students who want to cultivate mindfulness whether specifically for learning or as a lifetime discipline


If you want to have a taste of the mindfulness exercises, you can find them on the Free Resources page.

Next Steps? 📧

Please get in touch
to arrange a free session if you are ready for a great learning journey. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


I find David to be a very professional teacher of English. He is passionate about teaching good quality English and is very patient with me. I am not an academic person but have got good results by studying with him. He is very good at seeing my difficulty and explaining things in different ways. Until the penny drops!!


I recommend these lessons to anyone who really wants to improve their use of English and express themselves better with other English speakers.


Dochka, Bulgaria

Even though I have a Distinction for my Master of Science degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy from Oxford University, I knew that my level of English was not at its maximum potential. However, it was hard for me to find a teacher who could really understand what I wanted to do and how I wanted to learn.


That was the case until I started taking classes with David. Thanks to his incredible insight into me and my learning needs, I could finally start to perfect my own speaking and writing abilities. It was easy to appreciate the richness of the English language because his passion for the language was contagious. Furthermore, he is very knowledgable and brings his lessons to life with interesting examples and a wonderful sense of humour!


I have been studying English with David for 3 months. I am a systems engineer with a fulltime job in London and I have a second job teaching tango.


I find the methodology effective with teaching a topic, homework, then reviewing the homework and deeper understanding. David shows me different ways to say the same thing so I don’t get stuck in the habit of one way to say it. David is very good at explaining things using things that I already know (teaching tango and technical knowledge). This makes learning easier. David also explains exactly how to make the sounds in English that are unfamiliar because I am a Spanish speaker.


My progress is slower than I would like because I don’t manage to give enough time to the homework and assimilation of the lesson. But in recent weeks I have met some dance students that I haven’t seen for a few weeks or months. They told me that my English is much better and more fluent. So it was a good surprise.

linda elliot.jpg

Linda, Peru

A colleague highly recommended David to me for English lessons to improve my writing and speaking.


David uses a grammar curriculum, based on his own material, as a point of focus. He corrects my pronunciation during the class which I find really helpful. Everything is done for a reasonable price.


If wish to improve your reading, writing, listening or speaking (especially pronunciation) in English I highly recommend David for teaching in person or online.

Eliana, Italy

Daniel, Argentina

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