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Mindful Speaking Exercises

Meet Yourself in Silence Meditation

Meditation enables you to function more efficiently, give you a better relationship between mind and body, a better relationship between self and not-self and a better ability to live in the present. It can also be a gateway to a deeper exploration for those that want to transform the way life works for them.

Ultimately personal change cannot be accomplished without meeting yourself. The assistance of others including peers, healing practitioners and therapists can play a part in this. But always you have to meet yourself as you really are, not what you believe yourself to be. So you could say the purpose of meditation is to meet yourself in the silence.

The recorded meditation lasts for 20 minutes. It includes words of guidance and also some minutes of complete silence.

Calming technique for nervous speakers

Sometimes when you are asked to speak in front of an audience or in another social context, nervousness can get in the way of your expression. In the following exercise, I will teach you a simple breathing technique for speaking, which will get you through even the most stressful situation.

Mastering the speaking pauses for clarity of mind

If you struggle with completing your sentence or find yourself repeating certain words, there is an easy way to overcome this hurdle. In the following exercise, I will guide you through a technique for balancing effective pausing with a smooth speech flow.

English Grammar Exercises with Key

Ebook Screenshot.png

If you are wondering how good a grasp you have of English grammar, I have put together a short e-book for you with a key. You can download the e-book here.

I recommend timing yourself and completing all the exercises, then scoring yourself to see how well you do and the time taken.

My best students achieve a fine balance between speed and accuracy. But if you struggle with either speed or accuracy, don't worry because you are in good hands!

Completing the exercises in the e-book is not a prerequisite for starting lessons with me. However, for those of you who would like to do it, please let me know your score and time when you write to book your first free one hour session.

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